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Discussion on: Rage Against the Routine

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Jhinel Arcaya • Edited on

Nice post, Omar!
My time as a freelancer it's not as long as yours, but it's good to know there are experienced people who understands you and feels the same way than you.
I have learned to appreciate all the moments and maintain order, splitting a task into small parts considering how long it takes. After a few sub-tasks, I could take a break and go back to my to-do list.
There are times I have espontaneous ideas in my free-time or I'm stucked and there's nothing left than Stack Overflow (nice help, btw).
And there's the plus of noise, nothing a pair of headphones cannot hide.
It's hard for me working at midnights, the most productive hours happen between 5:00am to 9:00am, but it's the way I decided to work :)

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Omar Hussain Author

Great, thanks for sharing Jhinel. Do you wake up and start at 5? Also, does your work day spread out of over long hours, or are you able to organize them with short breaks?

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Jhinel Arcaya

I usually wake up like 4:30am, or near 5:00am (biological clock), and really active. The largest period dedicated only to work belongs to the first 4 hours, when I just take 2 breaks for breakfast and news. Nearby 9:00am, starts planning time, meetings, etc, so I can slice tasks through the rest of the day having short breaks between them.