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Must-Have Features of a WordPress Blog Site

Just like eCommerce websites, adding quality products does not bring more sales. Having quality content on your wordpress blogging website will also not do the trick for you. The basic functionality of a blogging website is to get more and more visitors to their website. Yes, quality content of a particular niche is your main ingredient but there are certain features that add value to your blogging site.

For instance your content is of no use if it is not presented in a proper and engaging way. Users care about more than one visit when they visit your blogging site. However, with the integration of some must-have features can take your wordpress blogging site to a new level. As of today's date, WordPress powers 33.5% of websites on the internet. Businesses are taking help from WordPress development company in Australia to get the most effective features on their business sites. Since we are talking about Wordpress blogging websites, let us have a look at the must-have features of a WordPress blogging website.

Modern Design With Some Personal Touch

According to the top wordpress development agency Melbourne having a modern website is the first prerequisite of today’s digital world. It will help users to find the blogs or other content they are looking for on your site. A well presented WordPress blog site ensures your visitors get what they are looking for. For instance, a design that shows the most number of articles at once is highly accomplished in the blogging sector as it increases the chances of having more visitors on the site.

Easy to Navigate Menu

If you already have a blogging site then you know there are more than one drop down required on the site. It increases the importance of having comprehensive navigable menus on your WordPress blogging site. You can easily enhance the attention span of your visitors by putting blogs and articles on the homepage, linking important categories, and adding glossaries to the menu rate. If you are looking to get more traffic with time then get your wordpress development company in Australia ready to create an easy to navigate menu.

Security and Spam Protection

Spamming is very common on blogging websites. It may not hurt you but it does decrease the credibility of your blogging site in the eyes of your visitors. Nobody wants to visit a platform which is full of spammers and has zero security protection. If you are also worried about it then you can simply add some plugins like Worddence and Sucuri that can safeguard your website from potential threats. These advanced plugins constantly check comments and contact form submissions against listed global databases of spam to prevent sites from publishing malicious content.


These are the top three must-have features on your WordPress blogging site. Apart from these you can also take care of SEO, advertising facility, social media and email subscription, multiple comment options, reader-friendly typography etc. with the help of wordpress development agency Melbourne. We hope these additions will make your blogging platform much better from what it was earlier.

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