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GitHub, tools, MarketPlace, Studies, etc

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GitHub Offer you a big platform with several tools in a Marketplace.
But lets start from scratch, if you want certified your knowledge on GitHub my best advice is go through the programs gitHub has in the platform and pass the training commands, and Interface to Study the different cases over the LAB:


In that way you can set your work after to use the Market place:

  1. https://github.com/marketplace

Already they offer you a lot of tools to implement according your own project. Specially the scenario with the kanban and gitFlow I found a good tool named GitKraken that permit and allow you to track more easy the way you use GitHub (I recommend have solid base of git line commands before to use), and you can download material to work in a profesional way

  1. https://support.gitkraken.com/

Sometimes I just think JIRA and many other told need to be in one single place, and It looks the tools appear here, just find on the marketplace.
And check this:

Best regards everyone!

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