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If not for others to read, than for yourself to improve your knowledge and craft that much more.

This is exactly why I keep a blog and keep posting there. It is not really for others; I blog what I learn there so I can reference it back.

One type of app that I use often is notes. I used nvAlt for long, now I use iAWriter on Mac and iOS. It is filled with so many TILs (today-i-learned) and other similar notes.

Similar to what you describe in this post, I keep a note of all errors I get while developing. You will be amazed how often you search for the same errors. Keeping a log of the errors and how you solved it will save so much of time. I blogged about it here:

Taking notes also makes you conduct a thoughtful retro of what you have done. It helps you to improve.


Agreed - half the time the errors I'm searching for have purple links in Google, so I know I've found/fixed the problem before....

Maybe actively writing down the issue and my solution would make me better retain it.


Very good point about keeping track of errors made as well. I have often written down new things I've learned in the process related to them, like a new git command related to a rebase error. But documenting the specific nature of the error does make it much less likely I'd make it again too.


I love the idea of logging all errors. Totally going to start doing this. Thanks!

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