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Discussion on: We Helped 42 Developers Make $772.441 in Salary Raises And Promotions, Here Is What We Learned

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Believe it or not, I see the passion when I read your posts :)

You have strong points. I don't read them everywhere.

May I add that while you can read posts and watch online videos, nothing replaces practicing regularly and facing complexity.

You say "success is replicable", and I appreciate this part because you shed light on the methodology. The biggest mistake I see in this business is people trying to replicate someone's style and sometimes even a so-called way of life, believing that's the way to the top while it's not.

Even if it works for that person, it does not mean you can do the same, and it does not mean success comes from what you think.

Having strong technical skills is indeed a great way to cope.

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