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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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Justin Mitchell

No point slinging mud at the language. Code is only as good as the person authoring it. JavaScript, compared to Python and Ruby is quite immature, and there are real and measurable reasons for such. The incompatibility and lack of standards compliance until the last 5 years was a major contributing factor. NodeJS didn't reach maturity until a few years back. Python and Ruby have been around for a very long time.

Lodash wouldn't have existed if MS didn't force users onto their own POS JScript engine and VB runtime crapola. JS would no doubt have reached maturity a decade ago if all the major IT institutions came together and standardised the browsers.

Also, shitting on a language because it was "created in 2 weeks" is really reaching for that tiny violin. PHP was created by a software engineer to help render HTML, and within a decade usurped .net, Java and Perl as the choice technology to build backend web applications. Ruby had 4 releases in 3 days when it was first created; pick your battles carefully.

Unless you're improving tools that developers use, it's just another frustrated developer complaining about the sky being blue or the earth being spherical.

Don't mistake ubiquity with immaturity.

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