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I’m in school, but I like to pick one day of the week (usually winds up being Sunday), where I focus on writing and working on personal code projects rather than assignments of any kind. During the week, I come up with ideas and outline what I’m writing, but no more than that. That way it’s easier to get done in one day. I’ve heard other people say they get up earlier or stay up later and do a little every day.


I think the difficultity may be how you keep on writing or coding.

Sometimes, you may feel tired. Sometimes, you may have other urgent task. You may have a lot of stuff which prevent you from keeping writing and coding.

I think there are a myth behind the people who can keep writing and writing.

One more thing. Do you think writing is important?


I agree. I think that it's hard to keep writing when there are so many other things that demand our time.

I do think writing is important. I can only speak for myself, but it's something that I really enjoy doing. Writing about programming specifically helps me to understand concepts that I'm struggling with. So it's definitely important to me.

It is awesome. But now, I think I want to have more communication for sharing idea. HAHA.

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