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re: What do you think about the release pace of k8s in relation to cloud vendors' support and specifically Azure, is it kinda fast-paced? Should we be ...

Yes and no. Assuming you are talking about managed K8s by Cloud Providers vs hosting and managing it yourself?

I think release pace is actually good because you know that things are being fixed and new features are being added. That said in personal experience being on release 1.9.x vs 1.13.x is not good because there is a large overlap in upgrades and most importantly is the security. As far as cloud vendors being one or two releases back is somewhat painful but at least you know that releases they put out are stable and work with their infrastructure. But say you have self managed K8s, to test all of the things with your app and infrastructure could take you month or two especial If you are working with many layers of networking and storage infrastructure.

Hope that helps. Feel free to ask more if this was not enough explained as I can go in greater details too :)

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