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re: Well tried 👏👏 but according to ui part it's not attractive, I think you can make little bit more eye catchy 😎 you just need some example ideas of ...

Nice portfolio Atul, by the way you have usability issues on it man, check mobile version. Things like the wrapper of the first inputs causing scroll and so... Check it out, polishing it a little bit could be awesome!

On the other hand I think Chase did a nice training job creating a portfolio with React but for me isn't the way to go as i would like my portfolio to be as light as possible to increase SEO and improve user experience.

I'm rebuilding my own with a handmade custom flex-based CSS framework with as less js as possible, and if i want or need a reactive one I'll definitely go for Svelte.js or Preact.js instead of angular or react.


First of all thanks for checking out my portfolio 😍. According to your comment you have more knowledge about portfolio website 👏👏. And the last, SEO is completely done on my website and my name 😎😁 you can Google it (Atul Prajapati) 🤘💚

I've no doubt that searching your name i'll find you portfolio, as i doubt any other person in the world want to position on search engines by this keyword. What about searching web developer, software development, programmer...?

Ohh wow nice idea 👌 i will sharp my seo and digital marketing skills 😎💚 even I'm going to join Mr.Neil Patel's 7 week SEO course for free check out this video info

Thanks for sharing, I'll take a look :)

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