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Discussion on: Workspace Wednesday: Show me pics of your at-home setup

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I agree with space for resting the arms, and I think 2 screens better than one always, Ben only need a laptop support and set both screens at the same distance. Then the arms rest space will appear.

I'm not agree with mechanical keyboard, this has nothing to do on typing skills, and you'll cause much more noise without a reason. If you gonna play some FPS it's OK if you are this kind of people that really think you will perceive 4ms less on response time but for work?
Gimme that soft low-profile keys please! You can go for a Logitech G815 or G915 which lets you type faster with a short press per key, it will make you feel less tired after coding for hours.
Some like Macbook or Huawei laptops, which also come with built-in soft low-profile keyboards, but having it on an external keyboard improves the experience by hundred.