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How to create a ReadME on your Github overview

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Hi πŸ‘‹πŸ½! This is my first post/blog on dev.to and on the internet. In this post I will be taking you through on how to create a Github ReadMe.md file on your Github profile so you can garner more attention to your profile and make your profile look fancy ✨. Trust me, it is very easy to create one. Follow the steps and make your's now.

Let's get started ✈

1. Go to your Github profile and create a new repo

You can create a new repo at (https://github.com/new) and name the repo as your github username. For example - if your username is 'abcABC' keep the repo name as 'abcABC' even the casing should match.

While creating the repo you should select the option to initialize the repository with a README so that you need not create a separate project on your machine just for a README c'mon πŸ™†πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ. I know you wont 😁
Initialize ReadMe

After checking that box βœ… you can click on create repository to have the initial setup ready.

2. Create the portfolio

For markdown editing I use the site - Dillinger (https://dillinger.io/) for easy preview. You can learn more about how to master markdown by following the article provided by Github - (https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/).

Now, that's that for the markdown tutorial. If you want to get a basic markdown for the ReadME, head down to my Github Profile - (https://github.com/coderjoel/coderjoel/blob/master/README.md) Click on edit and there you go, you get the markdown on all it's glory.

After some creative thinking and work, my profile looks like this - Profile

I have hosted my images on imgbb - (https://imgbb.com/) which is a free public image hosting service. You can choose any service you want.

As you might have seen I have added a self-proclaimed high-def πŸ‘€banner for my ReadMe, it was made possible by the most online user friendly photo editing app knows as Canva (https://canva.com/). You can create your own custom dimension, add any element, upload your picture and make an AWWWWESOMME banner not just for Github but for any graphic needs.

When you are done adding the image and some icons πŸ₯πŸŽ―πŸ₯‡πŸ†πŸ›  to not make it look dull, comment below this post your Github profile so I can get or give some inspiration or suggestions.

Have an amazing day! Stay safe!

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