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Discussion on: Is it true that here are no actual full stack developers in 2019.

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Joey Hernández • Edited

If people are into the habit of constantly adding things to the stack then that's true. Even for true full stack developers. While a full stack doesn't strictly mean they can do every possible conceivable thing, it usually does mean so within the core technical stack and more specifically it means they're able to quickly learn when confronted with unknowns.

There's some debate about artwork. It's usually not considered but some do include things like webdesign and that is relevant for certain customers. Quite a few people that fall into the full stack definition technically, including myself, do not excel as much with web design. It's not that I can't do it but that you'll laugh at the results.

In most cases when things are added on to the stack ad nauseum then it's not down to real requirements but more like someone window shopping on an unlimited budget adding everything that catches their eye to their mental basket.

The traditional concern with full stack is getting a jack of all trades master of none. Some people really are able to maintain a much better than average standard in multiple disciplines.

It's very relevant to startups and other ventures with restricted budgets. If you can hire one person instead of five then it can be very effective as long as they do cover the bases. Stack is defined by the circumstances though to have meaning it usually involves more than one major layer of the system. Realistically, a few major layers.

There is also an advantage. One person can get things done very quickly as they can switch over to for example configuring something they need on the server immediately rather than having to explain it to another person who might not be presently unoccupied. People very often overlook the overhead of spreading a task across multiple people. They don't need to sit around waiting for the DBA to create a table.

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Kudakwashe Paradzayi Author

This is a well thought out response and I think you are absolutely correct. I like the way you put it across.