Lambda or Self learning??

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This is pretty much for my future self to read and how my mindset is at right now. I start Lambda School on monday since today was the last day of orientation. I am doing this because I have always had a passion for Computer Science and how much it can bring to this world. If you can think it you can make it is how I feel about CS.

First off I wanted to start with no matter what path I choose I want to document everything I do here so this is not just a once and done post.

I signed up for Lambda over a month ago and I start Monday. I weighed out the pros and cons and thought it would be perfect to help me move on to my next step in life. I read all the good and bad articles about Lambda and I am going to give it a chance but at the same time I know i have the ability to teach myself so i am conflicted in what to do. sure it could give me structure and force me to work at something for the next 9-11 months.

Self learning I wanted to document the whole time and either blog or Vlog everything I go through and even livestream what I would be doing from time to time and just try and network as much as I can while learning WebDev. I would still be documenting my upa and downs with Lambda but I do feel it would be less of me sharing and more of me just doing Lambda.

my why is that I want to get into Web Development because I care about accessibility in Technology since I might go blind one day (no cure). Text to speach and Voice over on many phones and TV's have come a long way but there is so much I think we could still do. I am ready to move forward in my life and get out of Social Security Disability. I want to become a developer and start my next chapter in life and start my family with the one i love. I know i can do this and a year from now I will be able to see everything I started working for come to life. I dont believe in just waiting to see what happens but working to get what you want. ill prb stick to Lambda but honestly in a month I might just do this on my own. Only time will tell.

But what do you guys think? What do you think I should do? Is this even the right place for this type of content? A place for me to put what I have learned or am learning in one place and show whats its like to go from 0 to everything as the months pass by?

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About to start Lambda School and want to see where it takes me | Legally Blind


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The key is that it is always self-learning.

Others can provide resources, such as material, or answering questions, or some kind of structure, or testing.

But they can't learn things for you -- you need to do that yourself.

So, consider the resources that lambda offers, and how much you believe they will help you to teach yourself.