re: What is the purpose of using gRPC and rabbitmq in microservices? VIEW POST


Well perhaps this does not respond exactly your question about gRPC, ... and leaving aside the concept of event-oriented ... in this post you can see how RabbitMQ can also be used as a message-based RPC endpoint supporter. Think about another option to communicate microservices in a synchronous way, and of course, it could break some principles of decoupling between microservices, but at the end it will depend on your domain context and your solution, I suggested that article because the first question I had about synchronous IPC was about the performance, in that article you can see some results related with it, TL;DR both approaches tested (REST HTTP and RPC/ AMQP) have almost the same performance (but, none of those had a performance improvement strategies, like clustering, caching, etc...)

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