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Discussion on: What is Clojure(/Script)'s best first run and tooling experience?

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jmc • Edited

If there are any vim users reading this -- hopefully you already have vim-surround and vim-repeat. To those I recommend adding vim-fireplace, vim-salve, vim-sexp, and vim-sexp-mappings-for-regular-people. And then paredit or parinfer depending on how automated you want your paren handling to be. I prefer paredit (and even that I end up fighting with sometimes).

I use neovim and tried to add clj-refactor to the above so that I could e.g. extract functions easily, but it did funky things to my REPL connection. In particular, the printing of error messages was always a hair flaky, but after adding the clj-refactor they stopped printing at all. (But I'm guessing that's due to the vim-cider dependency and not clj-refactor itself.)

All in all, it's really nice having vim connected to a live REPL, and being able to evaluate code under the cursor. I can write and test code in a single editor window! IMO it's hard to imagine in advance how nice that is, but once you're doing it, it's a little nuts.

Edit: oh, March 2018 -- sorry for gravedigging...