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Discussion on: Describe the best manager you've ever had

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John Luke Garofalo

I've seen the best and worst managers.

The best manager:

  • She defines clear expectations.
  • She listens and asks questions constantly.
  • She defends her team members to other stakeholders in the organization.
  • Shoulders the blame when things go wrong.
  • She helps the team/individual learn from any mistakes.
  • She is a master of empathy and communication.
  • She knows when to get involved and when to back away.
  • She goes out of her way to consistently have one-on-ones with every team member.
  • She knows what drives each team member she's responsible for managing.
  • She uses a balanced combination of data, intuition, and empathy to back up her performance evaluations.

The worst manager:

  • She doesn't define any clear expectations.
  • She always knows what to do.
  • She is the loudest one in the room.
  • She doesn't have time for one-on-ones with her team members.
  • She is never at fault for the failures of her team.
  • She never listens or asks questions.
  • She only uses data to back up her performance evaluations.
  • She only uses gut feeling to back up her performance evaluations.