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Discussion on: Discussion - Is Covid Impacting Developers Life?

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John Munsch

Socially: I used to play board games with a group every week, meeting up at someone's house or a local game store. All of that has moved online to and When combined with Discord, it's a passable experience and something I still look forward to.

Family: Well, working from home for an entire year is different. My wife and I still love each other, no attempted murders, so that's good. Haven't seen anyone other than her on a social basis in more than a year though.

Work: This is absolutely the biggest change. I was already talking to my boss about going fully remote and moving to another location. He okayed it, but asked that I give him a year to get things in order. Then the pandemic hit and after three months with everyone working from home full time I asked if we still needed to wait a year and he said no. I packed up everything I owned, bought a house in Santa Fe, NM, moved, and then sold my house in Fort Worth, TX.
Given that I had spent my entire life in either FW or Houston (when I was going to Rice) this has been a huge change for me and the change bleeds into family as well because obviously my wife wanted this too.
We'll see how this changes when some people return to the office later this year and we're not all remote all the time. Will they still remember me and include me in 100% of the things they do today, or will I start to get sidelined?

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