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re: I was able to have a bake-off between AngularJS What's your approach to such a bake-off? What steps do you take and what do you look for?

The approach, as such, was to find a small project and build it using both libraries. You can actually see the AngularJS version of that build over here (it proved to be a very popular bit of open source for me):

Note: Keep in mind, most of that code is from 2013 :)

For me it was all about how easy it was to learn enough to build a specific thing (the project was from a third party so I didn't get to pick it; that was actually a plus because I couldn't tailor the choice to what was easy or worked well with a particular framework). I also wanted to see how comfortable I was with the final finished product.

Did it do what I wanted without a lot of compromises and could I read the final finished product and understand it? Furthermore, could I explain what I did to others?

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