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Retro components, anyone? Meet React ‘99

johnridesabike profile image John Jackson ・1 min read

Do you ever yearn for the good ol’ days of the web, where pages were mostly animated skulls and “under construction” gifs? Back then, you didn’t need fancy-shmancy CSS, just a lot of nested <TABLE> and <FONT> tags. Had some extra-important text? No problem, just use <BLINK>. It was a simpler time.

Building websites has changed since the ‘90s. These days, the cool kids are using React, or Vue, or whatever the cool kids are using now. No one actually seems to write HTML anymore. But what if we could turn the clock back without giving up our modern frameworks? What if we could have the best of both worlds?

Meet my latest project: React ’99. Use Reason and React 2077 to invoke the HTML of 1999.

It’s a library of ReasonReact components that emulate the bygone HTML of yester-millenium. Check it out:

open React99;
module SuperCoolHeader = {
  let make = () =>
        <FONT color="red" size="7">
          {React.string("Get up and slam!")}

(Animated skulls and construction gifs not included.)

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