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Skills to look for in a Backend developer before hiring one

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Web applications have evolved a lot in this decade. After the advent of smartphones, the number of people accessing the internet has improved drastically. Nowadays, the web application stands as an index of any business. If you are looking to hire on-demand backend developers for creating your web application, here are a few skills that you should look for in a backend developer.

Web applications are developed with frontend and backend development. Frontend refers to the client-side of the applications. The frontend is the interface that the client interacts with. In comparison, the backend of an application relates to the server-side of the application. The role of backend developers is to synchronize the front-end features of the application with the corresponding database, API, on the server-side. The clients do not see the backend of the application, but it is the backbone of an application.

Technical expertise required for a Backend developer:

  • Programming language
  • Database and cache
  • Server
  • API
  • Frameworks

Programming language:

Backend developers should master any one of the programming languages like Java, .net, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js, Perl. However, the most commonly used programming languages worldwide are Java and Python.

Database and cache:

The backend of the application is focused on retrieving the data from the database. The data that the user requests is not stored within the application; instead, it is stored in databases or cloud. The backend developer must program the process of retrieving these data. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, SQL Server, Redis are widely used for this purpose.


Databases are commonly stored in Servers. The user data and other information are collected into the databases. These databases are stored within a system from which it can be updated and retrieved at ease. These systems are called servers. The server management can be done by developers who have expertise in Docker, Kubernetes, Nginx, Node.js, New Relic, etc.


Application Programme Interface is used for allowing the web application to get synchronized with the mobile application. Generally, the web applications developed majorly with HTML, is not compatible with Android and iOS. But using API, the web application can be accessed through smartphones. So, the developer must be well versed in either JSON- JavaScript Object Notion or XML- eXtensible Markup Language.


Application frameworks are used to implement the standard structure of application software. The developer must be equipped with knowledge of the application framework concerning the programming language they know. The application framework based on a programming language is as follows:

  • Spring, Hibernate for Java.
  • Flask, Django for python.
  • Ruby on Rails for Ruby.
  • Laravel, Lumen for PHP.

Skills required for a Backend developer:

  1. The developer should be equipped with the expertise mentioned above.
  2. The developer should understand front-end web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript.
  3. The developer should be able to manage a hosting environment,
  4. The developer should know about accessibility and security compliance.
  5. The developer should design a Database and optimize queries.

Role of a Backend developer:

  1. Backend developers must be able to optimize the website.
  2. The developer must create and store a database.
  3. Manage API to enhance the usage of the app through mobile phones.
  4. Backend developers manage the logics that help in running the application across various devices.

Complexity in employing Backend developers:

  • The backend development of an application requires an application development team and not individuals.
  • Based on the requirements, the application has to be developed using different programming languages, but in-house developers cannot equip all programming languages.
  • Security must be ensured at all stages in backend development as there is a lot of user data involved.
  • The application must be compatible to be accessed by various devices, so API integration is mandatory.

Soft Suave- solution for backend developer requirement:

Here are some reasons to hire on-demand backend developers from Soft Suave:

  • Soft Suave has an experienced backend developer team that is prominent in various application development.
  • Soft Suave’s developers can develop the application in Node.js, Laravel, PHP development, ASP.Net development, Ionic development, CodeIgniter development.
  • Our developers have 5+ years of hands-on experience in backend development.
  • Soft Suave serves many industries across the globe in various industrial fields.
  • Soft Suave offers three different hiring models to hire backend developers that can save up to 60% of development cost.

In a nutshell:

Backend developers take care of the vital processes of the web application. Employing an in-house application development team is expensive, while the developed app seems to be monotonous. Hiring Backend developers from Soft Suave provides experienced developers, who can be hired at a nominal price using the hiring models.


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