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Hello world, hello there!

Jonathan Budiman
Indonesia based design engineer & writer. Always strive to be a better person everyday! 😊
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Introduction πŸ˜„

This is my first post in, hello everyone and thank you for reading this post for those who want to know more about me! πŸš€ Let's start!

About Me πŸ‘¦

My name is Jonathan Budiman. People usually call me Jojo or Jobu. I'm currently still a senior Information System student in Indonesia who passionate about design. So usually I spend my work mostly on Adobe Creative Suite applications and Sketch. I also do front-end and back-end development to learn new interests and how development skills can improve my life.

I lived in the capital city of Indonesia which is Jakarta. Their startup culture is admirable for people who are looking for new trends like me! πŸ˜‰

I'm an introvert who almost never contribute to posts and have cramped networking. So, out from the comfort zone heh? Why not I made my first post through here. 😬✌️ I love to make new friends either, but just not open to everyone 😢

I'm a coffee and rhythm game enthusiast. This was started from last year as a break and entertainment from my work life.

Why 😌

The story of how I came here to this community is kinda weird. I tend to read community posts on Medium and Quora before I was introduced to This started when I struggled to build my portfolio website with React so I checked the official website to find more accurate documentation after Stack Overflow and there was a link which redirects to this "to" thing. Boom! This stunning website somehow is related to recent platforms I've visited such as Medium and it's more developer-centric. So I signed up as a member I'm here! πŸ˜‡

I gave Medium a pass because of the member preview, subscription, and their recent changes to the interface. Of course, writing this post also gave me challenges to improve my markdown since I'm not a markdown user. Their design is clean and has a better CMS than Medium.

What will I contribute? πŸ€”

To this community, I will contribute mostly to design languages, technology, my daily life, time management, mainly in front-end basics such as HTML, and CSS. I also breakdown my future posts into certain series. Well, starting from the bottom exactly to start my new journey in Cheers! πŸ‘

I love making new friends, so please kindly contact me through social media. One day we could build projects together! πŸ™

Nice to meet you all! πŸ˜ƒ

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Farid Aditya

hallo, salam kenal, saya dari indonesia jg