Hacktoberfest AWS S3-Clone

JoLo on October 15, 2019

Servus! How are u doing with Hacktoberfest? Just okay? Alright, then this might be the chance to support me of my personal POC. Here are three r... [Read Full]
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The goal is to have real-life example by building an AWS-S3 clone

How are these S3 clones? You seem to be using official SDKs and AWS credentials for interacting with S3.


Yes, I will use the official SDK in order to interact with the S3-Bucket of your account (if you provide any).
I chose these 3 SDKs because I am familiar with the programming language. However, I will add a new one, NodeJS.


So, in your opinion, using the official SDK creates a clone of the technology? Well, I'm not even going to argue anymore! 😇

Yes, I am not saying let's create a new AWS but customise the interface. It has also an educational value.
People would understand how to use the documentation and how to implement it for their own purpose in the future.
Do you have experience with that?

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