Blog post: Experimenting with GitHub Pages and JavaScript and Putting Everything to Use

jonasbn on January 29, 2020

A long time ago I blogged about GitHub Pages and getting started with setting up a webpage. The static webpages are nice and they can help you mak... [Read Full]
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I can see some people are bookmarking this post, which makes me very happy. Well it might just to put it in the reading list, which is perfectly okay, I do that myself.

Anyway if you bookmarked it because you wanted to hack on my suggestions, please let me know what you are hacking on and how you are extending the capabilities of your GitHub Pages.

And if you are running into issues or have questions please reach out. I am no expert, but I am up for a challenge and the learning experience is always worth the effort invested.


Looks very nice could grow to smt like github
awesome list


Thanks for the nice comment

That would be... awesome - pun intended :-)

As I write in my TIL collection, my inspiration came from Josh Branchaud's collection - I have no idea on when and where this started, but I really like the format, since it is time consuming writing everything up as blog posts. I do sometimes promote certain TILs as blog post to fill on my blogging schedule.

I like Scott Hanselmans description of how you run into an issue, google it and your own notes pop up as a result.

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