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Tools of the Week #3

Originally posted at Deploy Everyday.

✨ This week tools are focused on Data Structures and Algorithms ✨

Data Structure Visualizations from USFCA

Platform to visualize how some algorithms and data structures work, including Stack, Queues, Sorting and more. It looks like a 2000s website, but it is very useful.

Screenshot of the tool


A more modern approach to live visualization of data structures and algorithms, where you can interact with the drawings, see how algorithms perform step-by-step while demonstrating with a code example and an e-Lecture Mode, where the platform adds explanations about the problem, how it works etc. VERY useful!

Screenshot of the tool

Big-O Cheat Sheet

An illustrated graph and list of the time complexity, space complexity, running time and all the Big-O related things from common Data Structures and Sorting Algorithms. Must have if you are learning the subject.

Screenshot of the tool


Go through your code step-by-step and see what's happening to your variables and functions in real-time. You can even go backwards. Besides the "Python" word in the name, you can use other languages like C, Java, Ruby and more.

Screenshot of the tool

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