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Discussion on: Help Thread — DigitalOcean App Platform Hackathon on DEV

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Jon Friesen

👋 Martin,

We have some basic documentation here, we also have a sample project.

If we cannot detect your projects type using buildpacks, we will fallback to a Dockerfile if it's located in the root of your project. In the event that you'd prefer to use a Dockerfile instead of BuildPacks you can push configure this using am app.yaml, here is an example of one:

name: sample-dockerfile
- dockerfile_path: Dockerfile
    branch: main
    deploy_on_push: true
    repo: digitalocean/sample-dockerfile
  name: sample-dockerfile
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Here is some documentation that covers creating apps with our command line tool doctl:

Reference for the DigitalOcean Command-Line Interface (doctl) with App Platform

Hope this helps! Happy Hacking 📣