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Discussion on: What's your 'money best spent' on tech?

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Jonathan Yeong

Definitely a little pricey, but I bought the Sony WHMX1000 noise cancelling headphones and they've been a game changer. The noise cancelling is excellent, and it allows me to dial into work if there's distractions around. Looking at you open offices, seriously who thought they were a good idea.

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Raphael Habereder

I second that. I went with Bose QuietComfort 35 and by god, working is so much more pleasant now. Not because of drowning out people around me, but the random noises of printers, pc fans spinning up or other things that just pull you out of your flow.

Without ANC, I probably couldn't work as productive anymore.

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Madza Author

Based on reviews, these must be really quality :)

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Michael Fasani

I can wear mine for 8 hours, no problem!

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Eve Zaunbrecher

Same! We recently switched to an open office and these have kept me sane. I convinced a few of the other developers to get them and they are all really happy with them, especially since some of them have mechanical keyboards and there are no longer cube walls to muffle the clicky sounds!