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Discussion on: What non-coding skills do you want to learn next?

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Jonathan Yeong

I'm not using any resources currently. Do you have any suggestions? The biggest challenge I face is getting something out of draft into a published post. I feel like I lose steam. Either I think it's not worth writing about or I edit it for so long I give up on it.

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Stephanie Morillo Author

Well, I did write a book that helps developers do just that. It's called The Developer's Guide to Content Creation. :) No pressure, but if you want to learn more you can click the link here. And as a bonus, I'll send you an invite to an upcoming virtual content AMA I'm hosting in 10 days.

Otherwise, I do link out to some resources throughout the discussion thread, but nothing about the specific problem you have here. If you purchase the book and have questions as you read it, you can always reach out to me on Twitter. :)