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Discussion on: 7 GitHub Repositories To Help You Crush Your Job Interviews

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Jon Randy

Your skills should get you through an interview. No amount of last minute cramming is going to make you a better developer or make you understand concepts better. If you feel the need to do this, then you're either genuinely lacking in skills, or maybe confidence. If it is the former, and by some miracle your last minute cramming gets you through the interview - then you're lucky, but may have landed a job you're ill equipped to do. If it is the latter, then you may end up just getting more stressed with last minute cramming. Either way, the only interview prep you should probably do is reading around a bit about the company you are interviewing for.

The interview is not a test. It's just the company sizing you up. The 'you' you present in the interview should be the 'you' they will be getting if they hire you.

Best advice I ever got from a teacher or mentor... "Revision is for wimps"