I'm a LaTeX expert publishing books-in-progress on LeanPub.com. Ask me how you can write with me!

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LaTeX and PDFs and eBooks

I just realized that AMA is Ask Me Anything. I started this AMA as a PHM (please help me), a desperate plea for help. Well, I recently started rewriting the TeXbook. Ask me how I'm:

  • Generating beautiful PDFs fit for publication
  • Trying out LeanPub.com to hopefully initiate a "collaborative book-writing" movement.

Looking for challenging work to occupy bullied mind

You can stop reading from here. The bullying is fully described in another post.

Would like to look for complex work (whatever salaries, really) to rebuild the self-worth stripped from me.

Am working with counselors and police now. I was surrounded by a particular family who bullied me with illogic and isolation for about 3 years now (5 years we've known each other). It came to a point where I totally lost confidence in my logic and language.

I am now begging for complex work to rebuild my self-worth. I'm competent in deep-diving into technology (http://leanpub.com/tinkerersguidetothetexbook). Would like work that is challenging, including work that requires deep-diving into open-source projects' source codes. Can work with NodeJS et al, PHP et al, Bash, DevOps, Frontend (JS, Sass/Less, npm/Gulp/Grunt, Webpack, etc).

Please help me get occupied while I work with my counselors and authorities to stop the abuse in my life.


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Chris Brown

How's the collaborative book-writing movement going and how can I write with you?

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jonw Ask Me Anything

@ChrisBrown (How do u mention someone with a username that has whitespace?!).

Reward Mechanism. I've just started with LeanPub.com, not sure how it'll really work out. Ideally, I was hoping for LeanPub.com to somehow reward my readers for giving feedback about my books, which would be a great start towards "collaborative book-writing". It seems I have to reward my readers myself, with free coupons for my other books (which means I have to actually write other books as reward to readers giving feedback).

Talent Scouting. From these readers, there might be some who present higher know-how than me and my associates (who write these books). I would then rope in these experts, hoping that my books already meant enough work done to attract such experts into co-writing my books. Obviously, these experts may consider me too low in expertise, and may want to write their own books.

Start With Feedback. You could buy our books-in-progress and offer feedback. That's one way to collaborate with me on my books. If you have relevant expertise above my own, or perhaps around my own, I would then plead with you to co-write my books with me!

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Chris Brown

Ok thanks, will check it out. I have no experience writing books but it's something I'm interested in.