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Discussion on: I have ADHD 🌧️

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Thanks an awful lot for sharing this. Throughout my childhood I've always been known to be the lazy child who cannot be serious with anything. I first heard about ADHD on the netflix mini documentary: "Take your pills" and I have never related so much to a documentary like that before. I felt cheated my whole childhood because, instead of being properly diagnosed and properly taken care of, I was made to feel like I wasn't good at performing complex mental tasks. This really hurt my confidence and buried my self-esteem. Thankfully for me, I have a fighter mentality and can work extremely hard at anything if I'm angry. So sometimes before I go to work in morning, I treat me day like a sporting event and treat my work like the opponent. Clearing all my tasks during that day meant had "smashed" them and that felt good. This is basically how I've been able to keep myself afloat in this deep blue sea of software engineering. All the best Kasey, it shall be well