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About: What program I should learn?

Jorge Castro
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About: "What program should I learn?"

Sorry, but it is not the right question.
I explain. Learning a language could take us a month if not less. Most languages are quite easy to learn, we have variables, arrays (and other structures), loops, logic, error control, and classes if not other structures but you could learn the basic in a snap.

However, knowing the language is a small step. The big step is to apply it.

Let's say I know Javascript... ok, so what?.

I won't find a job only knowing javascript.

What?. How is that?. If you look at most help wanted advice, you will find they ask for Javascript AND React, Angular, Vue and so on, also HTML (and much other stuff such as SQL).

A common mistake is to think

"you know javascript" -> you could learn any javascript framework in a snap

It is far from true: Working on HTML+JQuery is totally different to work in React, and working in React is also different to Angular or Vue and of course, different from Express, and we aren't even to mobile, mobile is a totally different beast.

Example of Hello World (they are just example)

in React

  <div>Hello, world!</div>,
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In Angular

 selector: 'app-root',  
templateUrl: './app.component.html'
export class AppComponent {  
 title = 'My First Angular App!';
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In Vue

<div id="msgid">
  {{ message }}
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var app = new Vue({
  el: '#msgid',
  data: {
    message: 'Hello Vue!'
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In Javascript

 document.getElementById('msgid').textContent="This is Hello World by JQuery";

<div id="msgid">
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In JQuery

 $("#msgid").html("This is Hello World by JQuery");

<div id="msgid">
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It's the same with other languages, for example on Python we have Django and Flask, also Pandas, Numpy and so on.

So, if you want to learn a language, then you must pick a language knowing that you must also pick a stack/framework/library. It's not as simple as learn some language and to apply it universally for every single situation. It is not how technology works.

What you should learn?

  • Pick some language based in your capability, salary or any other factor. It is your pick after all.
  • Then mark some roadmap of what you should learn, for example, Javascript + react (and html/jsx)
  • Then, if you are learned it, then it's time to apply it. It is not easy too. For example, most programmers are able to fix code but they are unable to start a project from scratch. This part requires experience. How to earn experience: programming!.

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Jean-Michel Plourde

The Web Developper roadmap is very complete and detailed roadmap for both frontend and backend folks. There is also a lot of complementary concepts and topics coders should know about. I highly recommend it!