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re: I'd say it's still the best in regards to web-dev productivity.
  • C# Webforms = fastest to program.
  • PHP = The king of the hill.
  • Java = The power machine.

I can't justify creating any project in Ruby, it is not fast, the language is not suitable for big projects (it could create big projects but it shouldn't) and it is too niche if you want to hire more developers. And even the tool (IDE) is so-so.

Jorge, Ruby is a language, not an IDE. There’s no such thing as official IDE for Ruby. You just need the Ruby runtime and an editor (I use Vim, for instance).

Also, why C# is the “fastest to program”? I’ve never seen statically typed languages as the “fastest to program”.

Again, it always depends on the problem you’re trying to solve. There’s no such thing as the best programming language. It depends on the problem you’ve got.

I know that C# is a language versus an IDE. We can even program on C# using visual studio core, SharpDevelop and so on. However, it is the whole experience that it counts. Visual Studio + Resharper + C# it is a whole new experience, refactoring is quite easy, it's easy to spot typos (even without compiling), the salaries (for c# programmers) are higher. The only con is it works under windows server but Microsoft is working on it (core).

If the language requires IDE to work with, it’s a clear sign the language is limping.

If one just wants to “land a Job,” they deserve to work with such languages as C#, PHP and Java.

If one loves what they are doing and values the language pleasure to work with, ruby is hell alive (although I have never seen anybody who tried Elixir and wanted to continue to work with Ruby.)

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