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re: Data say you’re wrong. Just search for jobs on Stack Overflow Jobs and you’ll see the amount of back-end openings for Ruby. Also, and GitH...

tsk tsk.

That information is misleading. It is not the same to work for a small company/startup one rather to land a job on corporate business. Stack Overflow is misleading and it is biased however it is far from the real world.

In my country:
ruby: 38 jobs.
.net:390 places.

Freelancer (online jobs)
ruby: 20 jobs.
C# : 225 jobs.

Practically, 1/10 of the jobs of c#.

But, you could say "but X company uses Ruby...!". well, that's not the trend. It's cheating to consider an exception while ignoring the trend.

I need 1 (one) job at the moment. Just make the best companies in the country to headhunt you, and feel free to choose the language by being most pleasant.

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