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Discussion on: Three Arguments for Why You Should Write More

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Jorge Castro • Edited on

I was old-school where online privacy was key. I was silly.
Anyways, I understand why some people don't want to write:

Let's say that you spend your valuable time in some article and the only answer says:
-"yo suck!".

It discourages but you could learn.

About places:

  • Facebook: writing for Facebook is useless, the quality of the audience is less than low, if you want to shill something then it is right. Otherwise, Facebook is crap.

  • Linkedin: And for Linkedin, nobody will read unless it is the typical motivation nonsense: "How to be the perfect Leader".

  • Medium: well, it is a fine place too, but the neighborhood is toxic (all men are evil, all white men are double as bad and stuff like that) however it works if you skip all those trash.

  • And for Reddit, Reddit is a mixed bag, there are a lot of trolls but Reddit opens the door to a massive audience. I found seasoned guys on Reddit too and that's the reason why Reddit shines.

  • Own blog, now we are talking! but it requires patience and a bit of money.

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Anna Simoroshka

With own blog, you need to think about attracting readers which is an entirely different story.

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Jorge Castro

And we could learn to S E O (I don't want to hit the spambot). Sometimes it is more important than the technical part of the project.