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A senior developer is a developer that hasn't evolved, and yes, we are like the Pokèmon(TM) while a "leader" is a developer that evolved.

We could not only program forever, sooner or later, but we should also learn to do administrative/management jobs.


This, to my mind, leans close to a dangerous fiction I see far too often. The theory that you can't develop forever, it's used to reduce the importance of engineers and justify reducing salaries and commoditize the position across the board.

Not everyone can be an engineer, likewise everyone can't be a manager. They're not the same skillset; engineers create process, managers direct the implementation of a process. That's why companies like amazon have pure engineering direction tracks like "Principal Engineer."


This is important. Management and development are two distinct skill sets.


This is just a reworked Peter principle. Taking skilled people away from their strongest skill set.
The idea that one cannot code in our old age is ridiculous. Imagine telling a doctor that he's too old to keep up with modern medicine

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