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Discussion on: Why the Accenture/Hertz affair is no news to me

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Jorge Castro • Edited on

I also (almost) worked for Accenture

Let's oversimplify costs. Let's pay these 20 people 200k a year (which is a huge salary) to do it. Let's add a full year of delays, because we know things can go wrong.

And it is not how they work. In my experience, they spend a lot of money on management and analysts and even architects, then they externalize the service (and they pay peanuts to developers) and fail and finally, they called me to solve the mess and they say "yes, we want to solve it quickly but our budget is short so..".

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Francesco Napoletano Author • Edited on


Yeah, I know those guys, the ones making powerpoints and excel files all day, coming crying to you because they want their stuff done tomorrow, otherwise they won't hit THEIR targets. :P