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Management to employee is an unfair power dynamic and Crunch Culture is either instigated by, or allowed to exist only by the hand of management.

Down with the power, Komrade ;-)

Let's say you are an employee, you don't earn money by effort but by time, you sell your time.

So, if an (evil) manager says "you must work hard", then he (or she) is doing the right thing, after all, your part of the deal is work for a time, if it is light or hard, it is the same time.

Overtime is different. Overtime is cancer, it has never worked, it lowers the moral of the team and it raises mistakes bugs and problems. A good manager must know that.

I worked as a project in chief (some sort of manager but more executive, i.e. not only administrative), and I deal with time all the time. Let's say one of the internal user (who paid for the project) wants to give priority to some project and we (as a team) are already working on another project.

  • Project A: He wants to change the priority of this project.
  • Project B: But we are working on it (it has another owner).

So, what we could do:

  • the owner of Project A must talk with the owner of Project B and be if he is able to give us more time (increase the deadline).

  • or the owner of Project A must increase the resources, i.e. add more personal, externalize the service, it's his/her call, not our.

  • Now, let's say I'm a brown-nose manager, I will say: "sure, we could do both at the same time". Of course, it is IMPOSSIBLE. It's called OPPORTUNITY COST and we couldn't generate resources (time for this example) from thin air.

  • Another alternative is to lower the quality. It is COMMON. However, it's not our problem. Let's say the owner wants to rush a project. Our responsibility is to warn about it, we don't take the final decisions but we should document it (a simple email will do the trick).

Dear Mr. Product Owner:
We could move the deadline by a month but it means to lower the quality of the product. So, if you want to continue, then please confirm this decision.
Love and hugs XOXO, the developer team.

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