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Discussion on: Software development is a social profession

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Jorge Castro

It is what we tried:

  • foosball and ping-pong. It failed. I don't know why but the team never used but the first day. We steal the idea of Google but I really doubt that Google had better luck with it.
  • TV screen. It works but for some occasions. We put on the lobby.
  • Sport. Practically every sport failed (including Yoga and it's funny because they asked for it) but football (soccer, it is a Hispanic thing), some of the technicians even created a championship with cup and stuff. We had a lot of injured (we kicked the problem to the insurance company) but other that, it worked.
  • BBQ, it worked for some events. Alcohol is always a problem, and we couldn't only serve Coca-Cola because we are all adults but we don't want troubles so it is a touchy point.
  • Parties? tsk tsk. It's so much liability.
  • Xmas and other festivities, some collaborators whined against it. We said it was voluntary but sheesh with some people (some people are intolerant). Finally, we gave it up.
  • Secret Santa = never ever again.

And most people are really willing to work (and live) in a safe (traffic jam free) place, even if it means to half his/her salary.

But there is another factor: costs.

Let's say, the company denies you a raise but spend 10x of your salary in an event. It is enough to lower your moral. It is was the reason why I left my first job.

Also, some people think they are in high-school, and it is not. Mistakes have consequences such as to be fired, sued, or arrested.

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Anton Gunnarsson Author

Yeah, stuff like ping-pong tables, TVs and parties might sound nice but without an underlying core that's based on more people focused values, it won't create a culture worth savoring.