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Discussion on: Discussion: Why doesn't Netflix, one of the most shared streaming services fail to offer 2FA (two factor authentication)?

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Jorge Castro • Edited

It is because 2FA is a way to burden the end-users.

  • Developers: We want to implement 2FA in our platform.
  • Netflix executes: Ok, and how much will it cost us?
  • Developers: Around two months.
  • Netflix executives: Ok, and it will increase the number of viewers?
  • Developers: Well, not really. It is about security.
  • Netflix executives: So, it will not increase the number of viewers but it could be a burden for some customers and it could decrease the number of viewers.
  • Developers: Yes, but it could be optional.
  • Netflix executives: So optional, an option that it plays against the number of viewers and it will cost us time (and money). Sorry but no.
  • Developers: But the security.
  • Netflix executives: We already invested in our security. If our customers have trouble then we could reset its password. It's their responsibility, not ours.

How to annoying an executive. Suggests changes that involve earning less money.

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Troy Author


dev to exec

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Jorge Castro • Edited

I always believed the executives and managements are our enemies. It was stupid. The executives are our unique allied.

The responsibility of them is to bring money. Our responsibility (as IT) is to spend that money. So, we are a burden for the executives, not the opposite. Otherwise, who would bring money to the IT department?. A developer?

Now, let's say one business where one of the executives consider the IT department is good for the business because it generates incomes. So, it means this executive could invest money in the IT department, it means a better office, more developers (if not raise for the team), new hardware and such.

Now, let's say the opposite, a business where the IT department is considered a waste of money, it means an office in the basement, old hardware, some firing, and cheap working force.

Sometimes they are annoying, especially when they try to push some technology (that they don't understand, but they read on some website/magazine).