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Discussion on: The Interview Study Guide For Software Engineers

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Jorge Castro

Let's say we want to sort in C# and we want to hire a seasoned developer:

  • Bubble sort = The candidate is a novice, he or she doesn't have real experience.

  • Sort in the database = Now the candidate knows how to do his job.

  • Sort without a database (LINQ) = Again, the candidate knows how to do his job.

It's pretty easy to weed out bad candidates, especially candidates that remember some questions by memory (such as sort, merge sort and to obtain a Fibonacci sequence), they are cheaters.

Also, the goal to do an interview is to find (and hire) the best one, or at least, somebody acceptable.

Our goal (as the interviewer) is not to kick out candidates but to find a good one. And no, it is not the same.

For example, I spend a whole week trying to find a good candidate and I was unable to find a good one. It is the nightmare of the interviewer.