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PHP 8, Windows and extensions

Jorge Castro
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Ok, it will be tricky. It is for PHP 8 and Windows (64bits ts and nts) but it could include 32bits.

If you are using Apache, then you must use the version TS. Otherwise, if you are using IIS, then you must use the version NTS. And for the note, you must use this version of apache:

What if you are using a ready-made server? (WAMP, XAMP, etc.)

If you are using the PHP 8 version then:

  • Find where is your php.ini file. How? phpinfo.php shows where is the php.ini file.
  • And find where is your ext folder (usually inside to where is the php.ini file.
  • Copy the Dll inside this folder.
  • Edit the php.ini file according to the extension that you want to install.

If the file is called php_apcu.dll, then add the next line

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Since PECL is as good as dead, then it's harder to find some extensions on the net. However, some releases are still in PECL but only a few ones.

Which extension you could download? You must pick whatever you want to. Some of them are redundant. For example, Memcache and Redis, but they are the most useful ones (excluding the libraries that come built-in in PHP).


Sql Server


(and download the artifact)




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Vincent Amstoutz

Good article but I think some links are not very good like the ACPU link