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Real Co-founders don't let others use MongoDB.

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Ummm can't to just scale up your Mongo instances??
Also what are you using instead of Mongo?
This is a pretty vague post 🤷‍♂️


First, it is the viewpoint of the customers, in this case, the entrepreneurs. They aren't happy with MongoDB.

It's not my word but I agree with it

And how to scale? Mysql and replication, Postgresql and replication, Oracle and replication, Cluster,etc. Sql Server and idem. Cassandra too. Microservice, CQRS, cache, Redis, etc. etc.


So basically it sounds like you always go SQL over NoSQL? And prefer to scale vertically?

I mean there's a lot of big companies that use Mongo. What do you use for a NoSQL replacement


I think the point is that if you're using something like postgres you won't need to scale the instances at the same rate, which is mostly true. Mongo is not something I use in production but it's excellent for prototypes.


"but it's not for every situation"

Such a wonderfully specific claim that applies only to Mongo and nothing else.


In this case, is simple, if you are doing concurrency, then no, you must not use it.

However, if the SITUATION involves no-concurrency then yes, why not?.


This is not true anymore. If you are using wired tiger it uses optimistic concurrency. Any transaction requiring a commit will verify that no other transaction has modified the data. You can also do transactions with rollbacks. The support for these features in languages such as C# are easily implemented.

I think people undersell what Mongo is capable of. We have switched most everything from SQL to Mongo and have never really looked back. Developers groan whenever they have to fix complex SQL stored procedures with nested functions/cursors and views (and lovely triggers that we all love so much). With Mongo you begin focusing on the how you architect your code rather than managing the database to work with the code.


Why is that dangerous for final product to use MobgoDB? Please, elaborate.


Exactly somebody asked for it


MongoDB is a technology company driven by hype marketing, not technical achievements. Of course, more technical people will deride it.

After more than half a decade of work, MongoDB will still lose your data:





NOTE: However, it is for some specific case but in a nutshell, it misses some information.