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Roller Coaster our bytes

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Our information passes from different sources to another. It is a lot of work for the CPU, memory and server in general.

Rhetoric question: Why we do that?

For example, let's say we have a row inside a database and we want to show on the web.

  • Database file (physical data). It is our passenger, bytes!.


  • We convert into a row (in fact, we converted it several times, into a block, into shared memory, etc.)

DATABASE -> our program json-rest server #1

  • It's transported digitally (network or other ways)
  • Then this information it's also transformed (by the language) into an array of values.
  • And it could be converted into another array, an object or a group of variables (our program)
  • Then, our program #1 is a web service (for example, a rest server), so it is converted again!, convert our data into a JSON text.

JSON-Reset server -> Program-UI #2

  • So our information is converted. It is a string with a JSON
  • We convert into (again), in an array, object or group of variables.

Program-UI #2 -> web

  • And we got our information but we should transform it (again), into information that it could be displayed on the web.

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