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Roller Coaster our bytes

Jorge Castro
You are free to believe in whatever you want to, me too. So, stop preaching your religion, politics, or belief. Do you have facts? Then I will listen. Do you have a personal belief? Sorry but no.
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Our information passes from different sources to another. It is a lot of work for the CPU, memory and server in general.

Rhetoric question: Why we do that?

For example, let's say we have a row inside a database and we want to show on the web.

  • Database file (physical data). It is our passenger, bytes!.


  • We convert into a row (in fact, we converted it several times, into a block, into shared memory, etc.)

DATABASE -> our program json-rest server #1

  • It's transported digitally (network or other ways)
  • Then this information it's also transformed (by the language) into an array of values.
  • And it could be converted into another array, an object or a group of variables (our program)
  • Then, our program #1 is a web service (for example, a rest server), so it is converted again!, convert our data into a JSON text.

JSON-Reset server -> Program-UI #2

  • So our information is converted. It is a string with a JSON
  • We convert into (again), in an array, object or group of variables.

Program-UI #2 -> web

  • And we got our information but we should transform it (again), into information that it could be displayed on the web.

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