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re: @joselfonseca thanks for the reply..makes sense. In your experience with APIs, what is the benefit of lighthouse PHP and specifically GraphQL? Is ...

Well, maybe not as a "graph" per se but is easier from the client to request specific data, like only the fields they need and also in a single call they can batch many queries into one HTTP request (Although this is also possible with HTTP 2) but what we like the most about LightHouse PHP is that is gives us a lot out of the box, like we can have mutations and queries for an Eloquent Model just writing the type in the schema and that saves us a lot of time, Also GraphQL subscriptions helps us a lot in real time situations and the combination if Lighthouse PHP and Apollo in the clients is very nice. Gives us power + good velocity. so combine all that and add a Nova admin panel you got yourself a very productive and high velocity development XD.

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