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Laravel Tactician — Command bus for laravel

joselfonseca profile image Jose Luis Fonseca ・1 min read

If you like the Command bus stuff, you probably miss the commands in Laravel, after the upgrade to 5.1 it was renamed to Jobs and even after that they stay really useful.

However, there are some other approaches to this architecture and one of them is Tactician. This command bus was created by Ross Tuck and personally i think its awesome. Based on that i found myself in a situation where i wanted to use tactician inside Laravel, At the beginning it was not hard due to the fact that it is a framework agnostic package. However all the bus setup was a little too much to do for different projects, i also wanted to be able to resolve Middleware and handlers from the Laravel Container, so ended up writing a Bus based on Tactician just the way i wanted it.

Here an example of a command using Laravel Tactician.

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