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Discussion on: How to Make a Markdown Blog With Next.js

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Jose Felix Author

Hi Ana! Thanks for pointing out about the date. I have fixed it accordingly.

You are missing the layout because you haven't imported it. At the top of your file add:

import Layout from "../components/Layout";

Let me know if it worked. Cheers 😎

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Ana Enríquez

Hi Jose, thanks for your quick reply! I have now finished the tutorial, thanks again for posting it. I have found some more issues but searching in google I was able to resolve it.

  • some more imports where missing in the code samples:

in typography.js was missing the typography const

const typography = new Typography(SutroTheme)

In [slug].js was also missing the Layout import
In the _app.js you imported typeface-lato but that typography was not installed, only the ones for sutro. so I had to install it with npm.

Those were simple things that with a little of inspection to the code and googling how to import in react I was able to solve but I you add it to the tutorial I think it would be perfect !!

thanks again for the guide :).

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Jose Felix Author

I'm glad you liked the tutorial 🙌. Thanks for making the blog post better, I really appreciate it! I have fixed all these accordingly.