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I'd find it strange. I know they do things like that in video games, but it's usually an easter egg or subtle enough that even if you found it, you wouldn't know it wasn't intentional. Still, I've never heard of anyone sneaking something like that into proprietary code. I've also never had anyone doubt anything I've worked on, so I don't understand the motive. I think if I were interviewing someone who did this, I'd be a little alarmed by it, like do I need to review all your code now to make sure you're not sneaking weird stuff in, like all the Disney movies?

Anyway, I guess I can't be too critical, the last time I was an employee, the company itself did exactly this, and I think it was for exactly this reason (though they could reasonably deny it). They had their name embedded as a ligature into the font they commissioned. Try typing "ggg" and "gggg" into the search at gamut.com/ After finding that, I went through the entire font file and found a few other interesting things, but these were the only ones that I'd call "easter eggs". There was also an easter egg in the search input, but it was really put there for debugging purposes. I guess I've added things like that in the past: special endpoints and inputs to make testing and debugging easier... though they were always toggled off in production.

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