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Hey @rhymes .

The overall experience with Serverless was outstanding. And I learned a lot through the process.

  1. I have never worked on Python before. So learning and implementing services in Python was a big task.
  2. We reduced the overall cost, tremendously.
  3. Well, I am not sure about the startup time. The function invocation was immediate. I never had to configure anything after deploying the function. The function auto-scales depending on the number of requests. We never had to worry about configuring anything. Which is an excellent thing about Lambdas.

I found this inside AWS docs about Automatic scaling -

AWS Lambda invokes your code only when needed and automatically scales to support the rate of incoming requests without requiring you to configure anything. There is no limit to the number of requests your code can handle. AWS Lambda typically starts running your code within milliseconds of an event, and since Lambda scales automatically, the performance remains consistently high as the frequency of events increases. Since your code is stateless, Lambda can start as many instances of it as needed without lengthy deployment and configuration delays.


Well, it sounds great! Thank you for the answer :)

I wondered about startup times with Python, it's not as bad as Java (due to the lack of JIT compilation) but it's not the fastest either. You definitely answered my question.

I am glad I could help. I am still new to this technology stack. :)

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