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re: Explain Object Storage like I'm Five VIEW POST


I've built an entire library around this problem

"Like I'm 5"

I want to store my toys in a toy box.

Traditional databases require that I separate toys into components (tables) and join them later. I do not want to duplicate data. For example, a car has 4 tires that are the same. I might create a tires table and store those tires there and make sure I do not DUPLICATE a tire. This is called normalization. When I want to find out about the car, the tires are added back to the car when I call for the car out of the toy box.

Object storage databases doesn't care about duplication within the toy box, or what type of toy it is for that matter. Toys are toys...What the object storages databases do is index the data about he objects in the database. That way you can recall all the toys that have tires.

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