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Discussion on: Help us squash bugs in DEV with Honeybadger! 🐛

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Joshua Wood

Hi Tim, we do collect a lot of data that could potentially have PII (such as request parameters and session data). For this reason, public dashboards are limited to just a few pieces of information about each exception: the class name, error message, and backtrace. It is still technically possible to leak information in the error message or other fields (it's obviously really bad practice to include PII in an error message, but it does happen). However, each error on the public dashboard was specifically shared by a DEV team member with full account access, which implies that the error data was reviewed first. (It's similar to copy/pasting the error information into a GitHub issue which is what they were doing before).

Does that help? I'm happy to answer any other questions or discuss concerns you may still have.

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Tim Downey

Thanks for the detailed response! Sounds good!